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Make 01 Black Forrest Speakers are the sexiest outdoor speakers with mood lights

Andrea Divirgilio / September 5, 2011

Make 01 Black Forrest lighted speakers

A lot of the designer speakers we had covered in the past were great for your indoors while being great acoustic devices. But with the Make 01 Black Forrest series, be perfectly comfortable in hosting outdoor parties and social get-togethers without compromising on your favorite music in the background, as these speakers are fitted with LED multi-colored lighting systems, and the ability to emit 360-degree surround sound in the open.

These set of speakers from the Black Forrest series, are uniquely pyramid shaped with special light fittings which change according to the content of the audio they are playing alongside. Especially when the outdoors is dark, the changing hues of the speakers would add to the beauty of the ambiance barely rivaled too much. What sets the capabilities of the set apart, are the 3 powerful wave transducers for high and mid-range frequencies, and the 2 subwoofers that accentuate the low frequency sounds. With the added advantage of the shape, what you have at hand is 3 dimensional, which doesn’t compromise on quality of sound even though you are out in the open. If at all the need arises to control the sound according to your surroundings, then 3 of the surfaces of the speakers can be remote controlled individually with the flick of a few buttons.

A lot of us today have majority of our music collection stored in different devices such as the iPod but find ourselves in a tight situations integrating it with bigger speakers. Hopefully, this too has been taken care of as this set acts as a docking and charging station, along with being a control center. The multiple jacks and plugging options allow for integrating a large variety of modern sound players to the speaker set. Also, the wireless transmitters make the task even easier as it helps controlling from a distance. As for protection issues go, there is a locking mechanism which fixes the speakers to the spot and prevents unauthorized patronage. The price for a single piece of these speakers is $3,516.

While you plan out your next music system for the house warming party, also check-out Ibiza speakers, built on similar lines as these, and outdoor grill with built-in radio and CD player for your outdoor gatherings. Looking at the advantages this one is sure a winner in the long run.

Via: Make Black Forest / The Outdoor Stylist

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