10 Christmas decorations befitting royalty

Andrea Divirgilio / November 25, 2009

Billy Mack crooned “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes. Christmas is all around me, and so the feeling grows.” Yes, the feeling is growing every single day as Christmas is just around the corner. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to forget the depressing economic climate and uncork the bubbly to usher in the festive spirit of Christmas. What better way to do it than indulge in some good old retail therapy? Talking of which, the rich and famous will love this list. We bring you 10 hyper expensive Christmas decorations which will guarantee wows if not yelps and hoots, from onlookers. Let the festivities begin.


First up, we have the ubiquitous Bauble getting some serious pizzaz. How about a solid 18 carat gold body with 1500 glittering diamonds to blind onlookers. The rings surrounding the Bauble are made up of white gold too and house 188 rubies. Mark Hussey of Hallmark Jewelers has conjured up this masterpiece which will ensure that your Christmas tree glows the brightest. You can put one of these on your Xmas tree for a whopping $136,000.


If you can plonk down plenty of dough for a Bauble, you sure can muster up a mil and a half for this Christmas tree. Steve Quick Jeweler has created this spectacle of a Xmas tree with 24K solid gold. Weighing in at 21 kilos, this tree is adorned with pearls and diamond baubles. Currently the Ginza Tanaka jewelry store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka plays host to this gorgeous masterpiece of an Xmas tree. It will adorn your home too this Christmas, if you choose to part with 1,487,358 greenbacks.


A candle light dinner with your loved one on Christmas eve would just be perfect. To make it that extra special, how about gifting your special someone with a luxury candle with a glittering bow necklace on it? All that glitter comes courtesy 38 diamonds set in stunning 18 carat white gold. What’s more, the Champagne Noir Soy candle made by Welcome Home Candles is planet-friendly too. Set the mood for celebrations for $4,995.


Kids love listening to the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. How about casting those wonderful memories in solid gold? This is precisely what the Japanese Jeweler Ginza Tanaka has done.
Snow White and the Seven dwarfs
get frozen in 1.6 kilos of solid gold. And, it took no less than 15 artisans working nonstop for the better part of six months to come up with these exquisite sculptures. Sorry, you can’t buy this one yet even if you have 30 million spare yen lying in the bank.


If you’ve already gone ahead and got yourself one of the many stunning gold Christmas trees, you might want a gorgeous stand for it. Take a dekko at this Christmas tree stand that is razmatazzed with a smattering of Swarovski crystals. This stunning piece of Xmas decor can be bought for an equally stunning price tag of $14,770.


Christmas, more often than not gets the creative juices of people to flow. Continuing in this vein, we have 24-year-old British man Alex Goodhind going all out to infuse light into these bleary times. And, he has been doing just this for the past decade. Every Christmas, the IT firm manager sets off to his dad’s house in Melksham, Wiltshire and transforms the home into a spectacular display of lights. For this, he uses 115,000 (yes, you heard it right) lights worth 30,000GBP. Lit in the evenings till midnight, the lights consume 700GBP per Xmas season. Although you can’t buy this one, you sure can emulate Alex.


Want to bring the spirit of Christmas right to your workplace? You can, though you will have to be deep pocketed for that. Take a look at this 1.8 million dollar Desktop Christmas tree which surely will tilt the balance of power at work. What makes this desktop Xmas tree command such a huge price tag? The 408 diamonds it is encrusted with. Heck, you could buy four red Ferraris screaming “Look at me” for that kind of money.


Usually, Santa Claus brings goodies home and children eagerly put out their stocking for gifts from Santa. But, what if Santa itself is the big gift? Big is a mild word to describe this 20 Kilo Santa crafted of solid gold. Yes, solid gold. Ginza Tanaka thankfully plans to make this one, unlike their gold Snow White sculptures. Of course, the 41cm gold Santa won’t come cheap. We are talking 300 million Japanese yen to bring this Santa home, we repeat, 300 million Japanese yen.


Here is another Christmas tree that will blow your socks off with it’s sheer glamor quotient. Talk about 21,798 diamonds making the Christmas tree their home. That isn’t the end of the story. 3762 crystals and 456 lights finish this extraordinary 6 meter tall, 3215 kilo package. Made by Singaporean jeweler Soo Kee, this Xmas tree will set you back an equally awe-inspiring $1,005,000.


We all have our favorite movies and favorite characters. Recreating them on our Christmas trees would be a boat load of fun, right? You could do just that by buying the movie-inspired Christmas tree ornament collection that the folks at Hallmark have lined up for you. To take you through nostalgia street, you have ornaments ranging from Star Wars to Toy Story and many more. You can take a look at the entire range at the Hallmark Store. Merry Christmas.

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