A $10,000 mono-block amp for your headphones
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A $10,000 mono-block amp for your headphones

A $10,000 mono-block amp for your headphones

WA 234 mono block amplifier

Just when we thought we might have come across most unique designs in amplifiers such as the Gold Amp A-100, we were in for a surprise order Prozac online with the WA-234 Mono block amplifier, which will be one of the few coupled with a single-ended Class A output transformer. Mono block design structure, with brush finished body, this amplifier will let you switch between different varieties of sound output channels, simply by clocking a couple of switches.

Speaking of the design, we were admittedly taken aback with the unique mono-block structure, and were under the impression that it might one of those lab gadgets which geeks surround themselves with. But then we were told that these are sound amplifiers which could be connected to your headphones or used as speakers to listen to some real high quality sound output. With the flick of a Tube Switching Key (TSK) and Output Switching Key (OSK), you could allow yourself to hear 2A3, 300B, or even 45 tubes or simply so, change between headphones to actual speakers. To make things more how much does fluoxetine cost without insurance . 40 mg cost prozac price propranolol 40mg tab can you buy prozac online price in india. buy online prozac versatile, there are separate OSK for the cathode and plate outputs, for low and high impendence headphones too.

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If that wasn’t enough some other major tweaks include the all triode drives without any semi-conductors, 6SN7 driver and 5U4G tubes, 2 RCA and 1 XLR input pattern, 3-pin XLR mono-output for headphones, and a frequency response between 5Hz-62 KHz just to name a few. Probing further details, would lead audio-geeks to know some more of this set of amplifiers, but in case anyone is already looking, be prepared with the $10,000 needed to Topamax online buy a set.

Just in case you are one of those who have a thing for the old world charm, please do check Diflucan cheap out iVictoria iPod amplifier.

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