101.73-carat diamond sells for record-breaking $26.7million at Geneva auction

Andrea Divirgilio / May 20, 2013

The thirst for the flawless diamonds doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Perhaps, if it is something as rare as a 101.73-carat flawless diamond, which has taken 21 months to polish and bring it to it’s current brilliance, it does deserve to have all the world’s collectors’ eyes towards itself. Harry Winston, the American jeweler has managed to purchase this pear shaped precious stone for a record $26.7 million at an auction in Geneva, managed by Christie’s. The price this D-colored flawless diamond fetched, accounted for more than a quarter of the total sale of the day, and also cemented it’s place as the largest D-colored diamond ever put up for auction.

This flawless D-colored diamond sold for a record $26.7 million at Christie’s Geneva Auction

Rahul Kadakia, who happens to be the head of Jewelry at Christie’s auction house, said that the perfect pear shape with the symmetrical cuts, and the polishing done to it, made it a ‘object d’art’. Adding on top of that, is the large weightage of stone, pegged at 101.73 carat, putting it into a truly rare category of stones the world over. The origins of this diamond, have been traced back to Botswana where the Jwaneng mine owned by De Beers found this stone. They put in 21 months to bring to the perfect state of polish, as we see here in the picture.

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Via: The Independent  / CNBC  

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