110 year-old Rambler Model B Indian Motorcycle to fetch up to $80,000 at auction

Andrea Divirgilio / October 30, 2012

Very refined, advance of design and one of the very first motorcycles to have a long wheelbase for stability, the historic and singular 1902 Rambler Model B from the Indian Motorcycle Museum is now being offered by auctioneer Bonhams as part of its Las Vegas Motorcycle Sale scheduled to held in January 2013. Described to be the finest original example, this pioneering Rambler motorcycle originally manufactured by American Cycle Manufacturing Company of New York, not only comes in complete unrestored condition, but also notably wears its original paint.

110 year-old Rambler Model B Indian Motorcycle to fetch up to $80,000 at auction

Notably, the Rambler made its debut shortly after Indian’s introductory 1901 Camelback model, and was made available for sale back in year 1902, a full year before the introduction of iconic Harley-Davidson’s first commercial motorcycle.

Part of the Manthos Collection of the Indian Motorcycle Museum exhibit for decades, this high-quality machine boasts an engine designed and produced in-house, along with the solid frame which was purpose-made.

Expected to fetch $80,000 at the auction, this 110-years old Rambler motorcycle is notably one of the most original American production machines, and is an exclusive, physical representation of American heritage.

In the past, a 1894 Roper Steam Motorcycle, a 1906 Indian Camelback motorcycle went up on auction block. Besides, the auction of one of the world’s oldest motorcycles from 1899, recently.

Speaking about the auction rare and old motorcycles, we have recently seen the sale of 1922 produced Brough Superior Old Bill motorcycle for $468,963 to become the world’s most expensive motorcycle ever sold at auction.

Via: Bonhams

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