$118k Phantom Gold camera used to shoot Shark Week’s slow motion videos

Andrea Divirgilio / August 3, 2011

Camera- The Phantom HD Gold

Cameras hold a special meaning for every sort of photographer, from the amateur to the professional as it allows capturing moments closest to one’s heart. We have covered some delightful versions of the device in the form the $1.6 million Leica camera and also the gold plated 3D camera, which was more of an art piece than just a camera. But if you prefer to shoot your environment in motion, than the $118K Phantom Gold camera used to shoot Shark Week’s slow motion vivid videos is sure going to be the apple of your eyes, for its multiple function and robustness.

Though only 150 of this camera is out there for use, every user seems to be raving about its capability to shoot ultra high quality of images, and the 35mm depth which is still a rarity in the finer variety of cameras. No wonder shark week’s videos are vividly alive and of such high quality! One of the reasons for that can be attributed to the capacity of the lens, taking inputs at the rate of 1000 fps (frames per second) at a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and its ultra-high shutter speed which takes 1/500,000 of a second to capture images. Also, if you need slow motion video capturing, then the frame rate controls allow you to greater control of duration, speed and time of the captures. Other technical wonders of this camera include manipulation of videos in terms of brightness, contrast, Gamma, saturation, hue, white balance, sensitivity and image flipping. For storing what you have captured, you have the additional storage device which fits snuggly on the camera, and has storage capacities of 8, 16 & 32 GB depending upon your choice.

So whether you’re are shooting a commercial, a movie or even short films, the Phantom Gold is capable of catering to every possible need which multi-faceted working capabilities. Just that you need the extra $118K to buy one of these!

Via: Vision Research/ Techland

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