12 high-tech racing simulators for ultimate speed thrills

Andrea Divirgilio / June 29, 2009

racing simulator

It’s time to close the doors once again to the real world and enter the virtual world of racing. If virtual racing gives you an adrenaline rush, then you should be looking at the racing simulators. With these machines, you can fulfill your wish of driving to the crazy limits without the fear of receiving a speeding ticket. We have seen a range of racing simulators that combine state-of-the-art technology with cutting-edge design to make for extremely realistic racing simulations. Here we are with the 12 best racing simulators that will make sure you enjoy the thrill of speed at its fullest.

• DaVinci Driving Simulator

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Consisting of the hardware and direct interface between the user and the immersive 3D world he or she is placed in, the DaVinci Driving Simulator focuses only on what is necessary, and it includes a special purpose computer called the “Smart Box,” which is used to control the gauges and read the pedals instead of a PC. More here.

• Elite Racer Pro simulator

elote racer pro

To make sure you enjoy the simulation to its fullest, the Elite Racer Pro comes equipped with Sony Bravia 5.1 surround sound for realistic sound effects. You will feel every curve on the track, thanks to the integrated Crowson vibration setup. Other notable features include a fully adjustable racing seat to fit all sizes, a huge 32-inch Sony 1080p LCD screen and a high-end PC with 4GB of memory, 500GB hard drive and an Nvidia SLI graphics card. More here.

• HotSeats 275 racing simulator

hotseats 275

The HotSeats 275 HotSeat Deuce Game Chair with Racing Game Package and Grand Turismo 4 features a Sony Slim PS 2 with controller, 8MB memory card, 2 Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers with a remote control and subwoofer unit, a copy of Grand Turismo 4 and 2 Logitech Driving Force Pro force feedback wheels with pedals. More here.

• Bugeye Race Car Simulator

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Thanks to a patented display technology, the Bugeye display creates a virtual image, focused at infinity that renders a perceived 3D field of view without the use of goggles. It also generates an immersive surround view some 20 feet in front of the viewer’s eye. More here.

• BestSim Gameframe racing simulator


BestSim’s Gameframe features high-grade stainless steel construction with exclusive paintings (airbrushed motives), adjustable racing pedalblock, the newest in force-feedback technology, 5.1 surround-sound system, a multi-screen experience with up to three 22-inch LCD monitors and strong bodyshakers under the driver’s seat with 3D-animated racing software. More here.

• Gamers Cockpit GT3 racing simulator

gamers cockpit gt3

The Gamers Cockpit GT3 race simulator comes packaged with a steel chassis, Autotecnica “Monza” Race Seat, steering wheels with Xbox or Playstation pedals, Logitech sound system, Samsumg 19-inch widescreen LCD television, and Playstation 2 or Xbox 360 PRO console. More here.

• Predator motion simulator

predator simulator

The standard features on the Predator motion simulator include a maximum payload of 159 kg, a Corbeau-Forza racing seat with lap belt, force feedback steering wheel, dual-pedal setup, computers with pre-installed software, on-board Ethernet cards for LAN play, Diamond Audio’s custom sound system and a wireless keyboard trackball. More here.

• SimCrafts Apex racing simulator

simcraft simulator 1 L48Ld 48

SimCrafts’ APEX SC830 and APEX SC320 are military-grade simulators that promise to enrich you with the ultimate thrill of virtual racing. The APEX SC320 has been created for the hardcore gamer and offers two degrees of freedom (roll 20°/pitch 20°). On the other hand, the APEX SC830 is designed for the training of professional racers and offers three degrees of freedom (roll 40°/pitch 25°/yaw 40°). More here.

• GT5P Racing Pod

gt5p pod uxPxQ 5784

The GT5P Pod (Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Pod) fulfills the desire of those seeking the ultimate in the speeding arena. Inside, you will find inside a PS3, a 40″ LCD display, a comfortable chair, a racing wheel and other vital racing equipment. All yours for $15,000. More here.

• VRX MACH 4 racing simulator

vrx mach 4

The Virtual Racer X Mach 4 is equipped with four Xbox 360 gaming consoles that takes HD graphics to one of the three Sharp Aquos 37-inch 1080p LCD screens. The turn-key set-up includes tactile vibration feedback system, Bose Acoustimass 10 series surround sound system with subwoofer, Italian Sparco Monza racing seat, twin virtual wind fans, LED lighting effects and a beverage containment system. More here.

• VirtualGT Racing Simulator


The VirtualGT Racing Simulator features real-time experience and is loaded with features including a 500W speaker system, a 4-corner independent suspension, MasterCraft racing seat, force-feedback steering wheel, electronic controls, fully adjustable chassis and an integrated hands-free intercom system for use in multiplayer mode. More here.

• Motion-Pro II Simulator

mps ii main yL4W6 48

The ready to go Motion-Pro II comes with the latest PC hardware, CXC Racing software and AV technology. A 505-watt true 5.1 surround sound system, including a mammoth subwoofer, synched with four high-tech vibration transducers makes for the unique sound and physical vibrations of a high-powered race car. The LCDs (single 46-inch full HD screen to panoramic triple-panel displays) offered have been selected specifically for exceptional performance. More here.

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