Antilles G-21 Amphibious Seaplane up for grabs

Andrea Divirgilio / February 21, 2008

Adventure lovers all over the world have a very unique opportunity on their hands to own the world’s only commercially viable, multi-engine amphibious airplane. Developed by North Carolina based company Antilles Seaplanes, the Antilles G-21 series ‘Goose’ seaplanes are good for a range of purposes from Alaskan fishing to the Amazon rain forest. The Antilles Super Goose is an extremely versatile twin engine, 10-seat amphibian, designed to take off and land on water. The $1.3 million plane uses rebuilt Pratt & Whitney piston engines and can take off from and land both on land and water. In case you want to upgrade to an FAA-approved 680-horsepower turbine engine, it will cost you another million bucks but you’ll get to jet at more than 240 mph for up to 1,200 miles which would make it more than worth it for your solo cruise around the globe.

via BallerRide

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