1453 Istanbul’Un Fethi Handcrafted pen from Omas: Journey back in history

Andrea Divirgilio / July 1, 2011


The pen is mightier than the sword, is the old saying that is commonly known, but is meant to be believed when one looks at the 1453 Istanbul’Un Fethi Handcrafted Pen from Omas. Engraved with precious metals like yellow and sterling silver, these limited edition pens tells the story of the city of Istanbul, which was captured by King Mehmed II in 1453, and the historical changes it has undergone since his rule.

Omas, the Italian luxury pen maker has long bought forward masterpieces in the form of its writing instruments. The Harmonia Mundi Limited edition pen had a solid Tianium barrel and a semi-transparent body, which the word ‘peace’ engraved on it in 12 different languages. The Silk Route exclusive pen had elaborate engraving in solid gold and silver, describing the tales of the historic trade route. Now this pen whose name is translated as conquest of Istanbul, tells the story of emperor Mehmed II who took over the city and established the Ottman Empire from 1453. The body of the pen resembles the Ottoman cannon in shape, which was the most important weapon that was used to capture the Constantinople (Istanbul). The top of the cap bears the engraving of the emperor Mehmed II, which has been made from a wire of yellow gold. The knob of the pen bears the engraving of the Hagia Sophia, also known as holy wisdom, and central monument in city of Istanbul, while the body has pictorials of the 2 medallions identified with the Ottaman Empire.

This historical writing instrument will be available in 3 models according to the materials used and colour variations of the body. The first model will have sterling silver and yellow gold vermeil treatment, with the barrel and cap with black enamel treatment, priced between $ 3634 – 3925 each. The 2nd model will use rose gold in place of yellow, and will have descriptions of the day when Istanbul was captured. A total of 29 pieces, including 20 fountain head and 9 roller ball pens will be created, and would be available within the range of $ 26,171- 27625. The 3rd model, which will be the rarest of the lot, will have a white gold body with diamonds and maroon enamel covering, and all pieces will be made in the foundation head design with a price tag of $ 37,802 each. A grand total of 1453 pieces of this limited edition will ever be available for sale in a special wooden packaging from Italy, the number co-incident with the year when Istanbul came under the rule of King Mehmed II.

Via: Antalia Seriilan/Omas

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