$15,000 Pink Diamond Barbie Doll by The Blonds
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$15,000 Pink Diamond Barbie Doll by The Blonds

$15,000 Pink Diamond Barbie Doll by The Blonds

If little boys are known for their love for model train sets and cars, little girls never seem to outgrow their Barbie fascination. And for the rich kids like Suri cruise, only most expensive Barbie dolls will do. The latest designer Barbie doll up for grabs is from Phillipe and David Blond of The Blonds. The platinum designers have created a limited edition Pink Diamond Barbie Doll for charity. The doll comes dressed up in a gem-encrusted dress in their signature style. The one-of-a-kind doll glamorous attire, includes her stunning fuchsia and rose “gem” encrusted mini corset dress and pumps designed and hand embellished by The Blonds themselves. The Barbie doll accessories include a luxe full-length faux fur coat, pink studded earrings, and pink sparkling ring. The collectible doll comes with a display case and a certificate of authenticity for an estimated price of $15,000.

Pink Diamond Barbie Doll

Pink Diamond Barbie

The doll is currently up for auction at CharityBuzz till September 25th. So start bidding.

Paris Hilton Barbie

The doll was seen at The Blonds Spring 2013 show during New York Fashion Week. Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton too was spotted with the Barbie, dressed-up in an embellished pink dress in the ultimate Blonds style.

The Blond barbie doll

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