$150,000 McIntosh X John Varvatos Custom Built SoHo Audio System up for auction

Andrea Divirgilio / March 9, 2013

For the wealthy collectors of the finest designer branded custom made audio equipment, here is another chance to treat yourself to some high grade John Varvatos designed gizmo. McIntosh’s SoHo Audio system which has a valuation of over $150,000 is now up for auction via the Charity Buzz website. Expected to continue till after March 21, the proceeds from the sale of the equipment is stated to go to an institution called Stuart’s House, which is working for the betterment of sexually abused children and their families. For those looking for a run up to how good the McIntosh brand really is, do take a look at some of the previous editions like the Integrated Table top system, 60th anniversary classic edition, or even the MCLK12 wall clock.

McIntosh x John Varvatos Custom Built SoHo Audio System

In terms of the technical know-how, one would find a 1,200-Watt MC 1.2 kW amplifier set, XRT1K loudspeakers, C50 Stereo pre-amplifier, MEN220 room correction system, and MPC 1500 power conditioner for an optimum audio experience. For those that still lament over how good the vinyl records sounded, there is the MT5 Precision Turntable included in the set for an old-world classical charm to the experience.

McIntosh x John Varvatos Custom Built SoHo Audio System

For the winner of the auction, there will also be a private tour of the McIntosh factory in Binghampton, which will have the likes of Charlie Randall, the president of the company. With him will be the designer John Varvatos who will be reciting his journey to creating this handcrafted piece of equipment. Seems like a perfect billionaire choice for an accessory in the music room.

Via: CharityBuzz

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