$17,500 Self-Playing Violin

Andrea Divirgilio / August 21, 2006

self playing violin

You might have heard of the self-tuning guitar earlier-on, and here comes another musical instrument (read violin) that will play on its own, Virtuoso. Virtuoso is claimed to be the world’s first self-playing violin. Techeblog points out that basically an invisible hand glides the bow across the strings producing a genuine violin sound…but you will see no-one playing it…getting too!! The strange violin is developed by Paroutaud Music Laboratories and is the fruit of innovative minds of film scorer Fred Paroutaud and the late Dr. Thomas Paine, administrator of NASA during the Apollo moon flights and the former president of Northrop Corporation. And, just like the unique concept, the violin is tagged with a price of $17,500.

Check-out the intriguing video below

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