1823 printing of the Declaration of Independence fetched $597,500

Andrea Divirgilio / April 14, 2012

For collectors of American Historical Memorabilia, Heritage Auctions has recently offered the most important founding documents of the Declaration of Independence at the Historical Manuscripts Signature Auction, held on April 11 in New York. The 1823 printing by William Stones seldom comes on the market and are increasingly hard to find, which is why the document was sold for $597,500, almost triple its estimated price of $250,000.

1823 William Stone copperplate printing of the Declaration of Independence

Director of Manuscripts at Heritage, Sandra Palomino describes the emotions attached with the printing in a patriotic manner. According to Sandra, the printing on Declaration on Independence was a result of patriotic feelings building up amongst masses. The war of 1812 had recently ended and nationalist feelings were touching a new high.

America had just neared its 45th year of independence and Secretary of State, found it to be the perfect occasion to commission William J Stone, an engraver to replicate an exact copy of Declaration of Independence as a respect to memory of those who had laid down their lives for the Motherland.

Of the 200 official copies of the Declaration of Independence, 31 were intact till 1991 when a massive drive was launched to identify copies of Declaration of Independence that could be brought to public notice. This drive finally culminates in 2012 with a copy of the Declaration of Independence up for sale.

These replica copies made from Stone’s copperplate have been rendered the exact way, the original Declaration of Independence seemed in 1823. Extensive care has been taken to make the replica copies look like original with copper plates evident in the margins. The original Declaration of Independence is housed at National Archives and Records Administration.

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