1873 US dime sells for $1.6 million in the coin auction

Andrea Divirgilio / August 16, 2012

Historically, people have hoarded coins for their bullion value from the times since coins have ever been minted. Earlier the coins were only collected and catalogued by scholars and state treasuries, while some collectors collected old, and commemorative coins as an affordable, portable form of art. But, the collection of rare coins which remained a pursuit of the well-to-do, has now emerged as a source of investment. Collectors these days love to invest their fortunes in rare coins, and it becomes apparent from the list of most expensive coins, besides the earlier sale of a rare 1793 penny for $1 million, and the historic 1792 Silver Center cent which was expected to fetch more than $1,000,000. And, the recent example is the sale of a rare 1873 dime for $1.6 million, which was minted in Carson City, Nevada, during one-day run of dimes.

1873 US dime sells for $1.6 million in the coin auction

This pristine coin was won by an anonymous bidder, who had to fight with five other affluent buyers who were ready to splash out over a million dollars, as said by Chris Napolitano, the president of Stack’s Bowers Galleries, which facilitated the auction during an American Numismatic Association convention.

1873 US dime sells for $1.6 million in the coin auction

With graded Mint State 65 by Professional Coin Grading Service and bearing the Eliasberg pedigree, this 1873-CC ‘No Arrows’ Liberty seated dime was part of the Battle Born Collection, which is only the second complete 111-piece set of Carson City Mint coinage ever assembled, before the mint got closed in 1893.

Notably, all of the 111 pieces were successfully auctioned, fetching a total of $10 million.

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