2013 Ferrari FF with Siri, iPad integration for a better speed and tech filled ride
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2013 Ferrari FF with Siri, iPad integration for a better speed and tech filled ride

2013 Ferrari FF with Siri, iPad integration for a better speed and tech filled ride

The 2013 Geneva Auto Show is proving to be another hotbed for technology and automobile geeks, where the bigger guys are putting up quite a show to outdo each other. If owning a Ferrari wasn’t just good enough; now the Ferrari FF will sport buy retin-a iPad integration feature in its setup. The 2013 edition of the supercar will also feature the additional benefit of having Siri eyes free integration while taking a ride in the backseat of the vehicle. The iPads will be fixed into the front seat headrests, where users can surf and control all their multimedia content via Apple’s ‘Siri’ programme, thus making the already thrilling ride in a Ferrari a step more tech friendly.

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This setup wasn’t completed in a day. The chief of Apple’s software and services group Eddie Cue led a crucial role in ensuring that the new Ferrari FF sports this additional feature. Last year when Luca di Mentezemolo and Tim Cook sat down for doing something together, their mission was clear and something of this sort was always on the cards, which finally has manifested itself in the form of this upgrade in the Ferrari FF. And if the word is to be believed, this isn’t the end of it. We are still in the earlier half of 2013, and official statements say that Apple and Ferrari will be working on a large number of products together. propecia vs proscar cost purchase propecia

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iPad on the left headrest

The Ferrari FF will be a 4-wheel drive, the first from the Italian car maker, and the iPads will be fixed at the back of the headrests of the front seats. Meant for the rear seat passengers, now movies, games, high speed internet access and control on the go will be a seamless part of the design. One might even consider it to be a legitimate part of the design considering the $295,000 base price tag. 4 days ago - apr 1, 2014 – baclofen order purchase buy baclofen online france buy a discount canada pharmacy: baclofen online no prescription, online

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iPad on the right headrest

However, this isn’t buy Retin-A the first occasion where Apple has gone into arena of automobiles and luxury travel entertainment.

Via: Ferrari/ Wired

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