2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
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2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S

2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S
The 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S replaces the current line of V12 Vantages. It is the smallest sports car ever manufactured by the British marquee, yet it boasts of having the company’s biggest engine, making it possibly the most advanced production model ever made by Aston Martin. Less than a month after gossip started spreading among industry circles that Aston Martin would abort its V12 model of sports car, the British car-maker has bedazzled the world with a new version that is extra powerful than ever before. Muscle, splendor and soul, are the three words that best describe the innovative design of the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, a rendition that combines the latest edition of the marquee’s collective 6.0-litered V12 used in the current models.

Car Exteriors

Certain new design cues have been added to complement aesthetics of the newer 2015 V12 Vantage S model. At front, a carbon fiber grille motivated by a similar found on the stunning CC100 Spyder Concept substitutes the conventional dazzling straightened bars with dark or titanium silver engravings. Other noticeable tweaks include bigger carbon fiber corner linings, refreshing ten-spoke engrafted 19-inch alloy wheels draped in Zero Corsa Pirelli tires, a retouched stern bumper and a car graphics package tinted by a black roof and partial blacked-out deck-lid.

Car Interiors

Although the cabin of the current model maintains a familiar appearance, refreshing sport seats and twin ratings of traditional leather or Alcantara spruce add a touch of class and elegance to the makeup of the interiors. Buyers can also opt for a custom-made Carbon Fiber Interior design and black leather pedals. Although Aston Martin hasn’t revealed any details relating to the pricing of the 2014 edition of the V12 Vantage S, but the car is expected to be sold upwards of $200,000.

Engine Specifications

Power for the new V12 Vantage S is supplied by a behemoth called AM28, which is a 5.9-liter naturally aspirated engine that delivers 565 horses and 457 lb-ft of torque in comparison to the 510bhp/420 lb-torque ratings of the erstwhile AM11 engine, currently in use in the present lot of V12 Vantage models, puff out through a conventional exhaust system, which is a by-product of the One-77 that drops scale and mass while adding a more intense tone to the car’s performance. A riveting Bosch Management system also assists in raising the engine's responses in different ranges, allowing the V12 Vantage to be more attractive when driven about town. The new Aston Martin V12 Vantage S also replaces the present 6-speed manual gearbox with the new automated manual transmission (ATM) 7-speed Sport-shift III, which is an offshoot of the unit currently used in the Vantage V8 model. Smaller in size and lighter by 55 pounds than the manual version, it specializes in delivering speedier gear changes on account of the shifter paddles positioned on the steering wheels. The net result of this inspired conversion is a car that will sprint from 0-100 km/hr in less than 4.0 seconds on its way to a top speed of 205 miles/hour, according to the latest figure released by the automaker.

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1.       The 2015 model is endowed with the most powerful engine of its class

Order Retin-A 2.       The AM28 is a naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engine that is capable of delivering up to 565 bhp of power and 457-lb ft of torque

3.       The "S" type qualifies to be the first Vantage model to boast an Adaptive Damping System that includes Sports/Tracks/ Normal modes to manage the humongous power delivery of the engine

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5.       It uses a new digitized 7-speed Sportshift III gearbox, which is lighter and more agile than the 6-speed manual version currently in use

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7.       It also gets a Servotronic power steering unit which is faster and more responsive with 2 levels of assists that's lined up by a chassis damping package and a tailored and wholly transferable steadiness control system.

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