The $21,000 Hot Tug Hot tub boat gives new meaning to hot-tubbing
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The $21,000 Hot Tug Hot tub boat gives new meaning to hot-tubbing

The $21,000 Hot Tug Hot tub boat gives new meaning to hot-tubbing

The hot bath is one of the ancient spa traditions, which is still as popular as it was in the old times. Interestingly, marriages also used to take place in hot tubs in Roman culture. Though the perfect hot tub varied in every culture, square in Romans, round in Japanese, including the placement of the hot tubs; for example Romans preferred the hot tub setting in a garden or park, the new generation hot tub doesn’t have to be immobile. Enter Hot Tug, the wood-fired hot tub-cum-tugboat for a dip in the water like never before. Created by Frank de Bruijn, of Rotterdam, Netherlands, the little Hot Tug boat is constructed from wood and fitted with glass fiber reinforced polyester. The vessel uses a stainless steel stove with a single wall pipe so you can enjoy warm baths, out under the open sky, much like the Dutch tub, but with a difference. This staple boat comes with a drive system in place, and can be powered by either an electric motor of 2.4 KW or outboard motor.

Hot tub boat 1

Hot tub boat 2

It can accommodate six to eight people and can hold over 500 gallons of water, so you can have your friends over for a hot tub party.

Small Boat

The boat doesn’t offers any other luxury features, but, is one meant for the rich kids looking for more fun ways to enjoy their time at sea.

Wooden hot tub

The Prices range from around $11,575 for the basic tub version with no heater/no engine, to around $21,260 for a fully decked out electric HotTug.

Hot tub boat

Another unconventional party boat for elite social gatherings in style includes, the $35,000

Via: Dvice/Oh Gizmo/Hot Tug

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