$24K Karissima Speaker For Charismatic Musical Experience

Andrea Divirgilio / April 9, 2007

karissima speaker 12
Take your music listening experience to another high level with Cabasse’s $24K Karissima Speaker. The new speaker is an improved version of the Kara speakers of Artis series. The speaker utilizes Cabasse’s TriCentric technology for pinpoint imaging, smooth off-axis dispersion and seamless frequency response. The Karissima is offered in 3 elegant finishes including traditional wild cherry natural wood veneer finish, warm Santos finish, made of wild cherry veneer and dark trendy Wenge finish and can be used either as a full-range speaker or as an ideal center channel to complement the Cabasse flagship La Sphere. Each speaker flaunts a hefty price tag of $24,400 each which means a set would set you back for a cool $50,000!!

via ElectronicHouse

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