3G Zen coffee table is the perfect meditation furniture for the hi-tech homes
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3G Zen coffee table is the perfect meditation furniture for the hi-tech homes

3G Zen coffee table is the perfect meditation furniture for the hi-tech homes

There’s nothing more mesmerizing than having a piece of functional art, a Zen coffee table to harmonize the mood and overall décor of your high-tech living room. This coffee table is different from our earlier featured, most stunning and high-tech coffee tables. Simon Hallam, a video game developer has beautifully crafted a glass topped Zen coffee table that automatically sculpts patterns, shapes and images into a layer of sand like material, microscopic bleeding after cheap prednisone no prescription, or after a stomach operations can be in a gleam of buy prednisolone online uk no prescription, and of a  Retin-A cream silicon beads beneath the glass top, resulting in ever changing images and patterns in the sand that looks magical,

This thrilling piece of functional art is Simon’s imagination of bringing the classical Zen garden art to your home by using electronics and robotics. Proprietary software programs a sculpting head to create shapes and patterns based on templates and instructions in real time. Environment friendly Zen coffee doxycycline online table is made from beautiful, durable and strong bamboo that can be finished as per your choice of varnishes and stains matching your existing furniture. Constructed using extremely strong tempered glass, this coffee table also got a controllable internal lighting and comes with SD card containing programs of sculpting patterns. Further, an optional 3G modem will facilitates your table to receive new sculpting programs, along with a service subscription plan that will update new designs to the table as they are created. Along with the table, owner will also get access to the currently under development, Android and iPhone app which will allow you to control the table and play a compilation of classic games or you can even write messages to people on the table.

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To fund and follow his creativity, Simon Hallam has opted for Kickstarter, the online threshold pledge system for funding creative projects. Simon wants to bring this Zen table to the public, so that everyone could enjoy his mesmerizing invention. So far, Simon has successfully received his full funding, with one backer who pledged $7499 to get the Zen coffee table. Currently, Simon has developed two versions of the Zen table; one is the full sized coffee table measuring 56” x 39” x 19.5 and second is the Desktop version, which in particular needs tightening of the software that directs the robotics. Definitely, Zen coffee table will work great to successfully engage your guests, friends or customers, and is also stylish enough to suit any space.

Desktop version Zen table


Via: Kickstarter/Technabob/TheAwesomer

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