$40,000 Pedal Pub is just perfect for St Patrick’s Day

Andrea Divirgilio / March 18, 2013

Perhaps a day late, but the St.Patrick’s Day seems to be lingering amongst some crowds, and the culture of beer is always a classic. Those who can innovate, and spend the requisite cash, brew their own crown and that too in style. We saw that with the $45,000 Brewmeister micro brewery and the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery, that’s lets you brew your own beer right in your homes. Now, ideal for personal get-togethers amongst friends, Hammacher Schlemmer brings in this 17-passenger Pedal Pub, which serves as the ideal mobile pub which would ideally suit the occasion. With a price tag of $40,000 for each, these Paddle Pubs would be restricted to high and mighty collection mostly.

Hammacher Schlemmer pedal pub

Created in the Netherlands with high grade stainless steel, this mobile pub has space for 17 people to paddle and drive through on this vehicle. There is 5 paddles on each side, which along with the help of the driver at the front, can take this upto 5 m/ph on flat surfaces. The bartender stands on a slightly lower deck in the middle, whereas the driver pedals along in the front. The rear seat accommodates 5 passengers more, who can either tag along the fun, or simply help the bat to operate.

Hammacher Schlemmer pedal pub

The wine barrel in the front stores the brew, which needs to be connected to the tap on the bar counter. The bartender can then serve the beer from that end, until the container needs a refill. Also, since this vehicle-bar is targeted as a social do accessory, there are 4 speakers of a music system, which plays your audio content with ease via AM/FM, and also supports MP3 connectivity. The only precaution one would need to take is that peddlers cannot be more than 300-lbs in weight individually. The price tag mentioned before, however will certainly take it to the category of most expensive beer gifts.

Via: Hammacher Schlemmer

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