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42m Motor Yacht Blue Peace by Aras Kazar Designs is inspired by the ‘flying fish’

Andrea Divirgilio / October 18, 2011

Blue Peace motor yacht by Aras Kazar Designs

Aras Kazar seems to be in the mode to capture the eco-luxury market by storm, almost literally. After presenting the Blue Dream II eco-luxury yacht, this time the designer presents us with the eco-friendly luxury speed boat, the Blue Peace yacht. With a top speed of up to 60 knots, the boat can travel faster than most in the competition. Its futuristic eco-friendly design allows it to meet 100 percent of its electricity requirements from solar energy alone. However, the boat is still at a conceptual stage.

A closer look at the yacht makes one believe that it will only be a matter of time before this vessel is seen as a part of some rich folks’ collection. With a total hull length of 42 meters, one can’t help but notice the aerodynamic shaping, especially of the blue glass guarding the front and sides of the yacht. The inspiration for this has been attributed to a rare breed of fish named ‘Piscis Volans’, which are known to travel at express speeds like this yacht.

The other specialty of this design is the blended use of aluminum, glass and wood, which adds to the styling quotient, as well as a perfect proportion of body weight of the vessel. There is also a retractable hood at the back of the yacht, which can be opened or closed as per preference and weather conditions outside.

Blue Peace motor yacht by Aras Kazar Designs

On the insides, there is ample space and opportunity to enjoy one’s glide in the waters. With an owners stateroom fitted with a king size bed, there are opportunities for 6 other guests to rest in the queen-bedded rooms, apart from separate space for any accompanying crew members. There is also a dining table for the perfect meal together. The dominant colors inside are white and beige, which are perfectly suited for the comfortable settings inside.

Sources of power for the boat include the triple 6,300 HP engines which can race the boat up to 60 knots of top speed, with a range of 500 nautical miles. However, if the velocity is reduced to around 7 knots, the range possible is around 1500 nautical miles. As for the electricity, it’s totally eco-friendly in its production mechanism as the side retractable wings are solar panels, which help meet all of the yachts power needs.

This yacht is still at the planning and concept stage. Hence, those rich boating enthusiasts are suggested to pitch their order with the yacht designer to get one’s own version of the Blue Peace.

Via: Charter World/ Aras Kazar

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