A $4,300 prefab outdoor shower unit made out of Sustainable hardwood

Andrea Divirgilio / September 22, 2012

Celebrating the aliveness of showering outdoors, almost anywhere; here’s the handcrafted modern pre-fab outdoor shower ‘Oborain’ that invites one to delight in an exquisite pleasure of showering under the open sky, beneath the warm spray of falling water along with a gentle breeze. Handcrafted in Western Massachusetts from stainless steel and sustainable hardwoods, this clean and contemporary outdoor shower has been described to be an ideal merging of technology, design and nature. Creators Jim and Kirsten designed this outdoor shower to be set up on any level surface, plumbed with garden hoses, and then disassembled and stored inside over the winter, until the weather warms back up. However, we have over the times seen some of the finest and high-tech examples of outdoor showers including the Multi-sensory outdoor shower system Loop by Idiha Design, the Cascade outdoor shower, the UV-resistant outdoor shower, and the Tender Rain’s luxuriously rustic Menhir outdoor shower.



Crafted with sustainable materials that will withstand the test of time and weather, this modern pre-fab outdoor shower comes integrated with a Hansgrohe/Axor shower fixture to create an unparalleled shower experience.


The Oborain’s shower deck and side panels boast dark red Meranti, a Malaysian hardwood certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme, while stainless steel tubing is used for the frame and hardware. Notably, the showerhead and handshower also offers thermostatic temperature control as well as multiple spray modes.

Oborain, a $4,300 prefab outdoor shower unit made out of Sustainable hardwood

Further, there are three models of the Oborain to choose from, the Trio, the Duo and the Solo, with a starting price of $4,300.

Via: NYTimes/ Oborain

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