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5 Most Expensive Nail Polishes in the World

Britney Scott / July 15, 2013


Nails have been adorned and coloured since the times of the Roman Empire, and perhaps even earlier.  Cosmetics have now assumed a different role and have actually become luxurious products from creams to lipsticks – so how could the nail polish stay away from becoming a prized commodity?  Mixed in with crystals and diamonds, nail polishes have assumed a different ‘glamor’ altogether and to become the proud possessor of one, you would really have to dole out thousands and even millions of dollars.  Here’s a quick look at the five most expensive nail polishes in the world:

1.     Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish


Now this nail polish costs a quarter of a million dollars, with which you could perhaps buy a whole load of other things- but for the avid nail paint enthusiast, this nail polish is definitely a whopping investment that would cost $250,000.  This nail polish is also known as the “Black Diamond King” and has 267 carats worth of black diamonds infused in a luxe lacquer produced by Azature, the jewelry couturier.  This is perhaps the finest jewel that Azature has ever produced with a keen focus on adorning the nails so that they shimmer like a piece of jewelry.  Since this nail polish would be affordable to only 1% of the super rich population, for the remaining majority there is the department store version that Azature is selling for $25.  Wouldn’t it be disheartening to see the nail paint chipping away- resulting in the loss of so many black diamonds!

2.     Gold Rush Couture Nail Polish by Models Own

This nail polish was holding the tag of the most expensive nail polish in the world until Azature came along with its Black Diamond Nail Polish.  However, this golden hued nail polish will definitely have people gazing at your glittering nails as they shine like diamonds on a platter of gold.  This uber expensive nail polish features a gold lid that is handmade and encrusted with 1,118 diamonds.  The nail polish costs a whopping $130,000 and is a hit with celebrities.

3.     I Do by Ellie Cosmetics

Now this $55,000 nail polish is a creation between four different ventures:  Platinum Guild International (PGI), Allure (a women’s beauty magazine), Johnson Matthey (British Platinum supplier) and Ellie Cosmetics.  I Do is made out of platinum powder and was launched in Las Vegas in 2005.  The first batch was sold in special limited edition bottles that were made out of pure platinum.  However, the good news is that commoners can buy the more affordable version of I Do for $250!

4.     Iced Manicure

Now this nail paint is extremely beautiful as your nails look like diamonds.  Done like a French manicure, this is perhaps the most expensive manicure ever that has diamonds set to the tips of your nails and is an offering from Cherish.  Iced Manicure is undoubtedly the most luxurious treatment that you could ever offer to your nails as it embellishes your nails with 10 carats of diamonds that cost you $51,000!  This exclusive treatment can only be done after taking an appointment with the manicurist of the nail paint creation – Cherish Angula -  at her art bar.  The best part is that she provides you a complimentary after care session that also includes removal of the diamonds from your nails- sounds good?

5.     An Evening to Remember by Red Carpet Manicure


Now this $1,000 black diamond-infused nail lacquer is a rich gel polish that has holographic sparkles of many hues that give it a distinct shimmer.  If you remember the 40th American Music Awards, then you might recall that Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Pink and Katy Perry had their nails shining like diamonds with this nail polish which is enriched with 4 carats worth of diamonds.  The nail polish has a unique Gel LED formula which prevents the nail polish from peeling and chipping for weeks.

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