$500 million Amphibious 1000 resort for the floating luxury retreats

Andrea Divirgilio / August 4, 2011

Amphibious Floating Resort

Since convention seems to be going out of fashion of choices of the uber-rich, they have managed to shift their preferences to more exotic and exclusive options, which offer them something out of the ordinary including their vacation spots. Our foray into this domain has been shown in our coverage of the futuristic hotels, many of which are already in operation and are known for their unique designs, locations and amenities. A niche segment among them is floating resorts, which we have earlier shown the MORP Hotel and the Floating pyramids. Another futuristic floating resort is the multi-million dollar Italian Designed Amphibious 1000 which will help you ‘float’ your luxury vacation.

A visionary design by the Giancarlo Zema Design Group (GZDG), this resort is meant to be located at the coast of Qatar. This resembles an aquatic animal in shape and numerous portions of buildings submerged under water, which feature restaurants and aquatic galleries. There are floating walkways, offices, residential buildings, central marine park and tower, which is the location for the main restaurant of the resort.

The whole resort has been divided into multiple sections, where the hotel section has 75 luxury suites around the parameter, which have access by private terraces due to the partial submergence. On the inside, there are alley ways which are totally submerged, and lead to the activity areas of the resort. The main lobby of the resort hotel is based around an interactive aquatic theme, which give pristine views of aquatic life through large aquariums, glass passageways which incidentally leads to the underwater observatory.

The hotel suites have been built on a multi-level structure which features relaxation rooms, sleeping quarters, bathrooms, kitchens and private aquarium barely above water surface, and the primary attraction, the aquatic lounge which is below the sea level. With such a concept and design, this is still a dream like experience which most of us would like to undergo. Our eyes are surely on the lookout for this one, which takes away the tiredness from hectic city lives.

Via: Gizmag

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