$50,000 Monarch Vi-spring bed goes green!

Andrea Divirgilio / April 19, 2008

monarch 48
Considering the fact that you spend a good portion of your life in bed, it should be as good and comfy as you can afford. Few days back, we were here with our list of Top 10 high-tech luxury beds for geeks and every now and then, we are talking about ultra-expensive beds. Remember the David Beckham’s $50,000 Monarch Vi-spring bed? Now, the luxury bed maker, Vi-Spring, has introduced bamboo fibre into its top of the series bed, the Monarch. Bamboo fibre is not only acknowledged for its soft and silk like features, but it’s also is also one of the most eco-friendly materials available. Bamboo fibre has been woven into an elite fabric design for the Monarch mattress ticking and has been mixed up well for the mattress filling with other luxury materials, including cashmere, lambswool and mohair. They say that theonly material in a Vi-Spring mattress not made by Mother Nature is in the springs themselves. Anyway, the Monarch sells for £24,275 for a six-foot double divan set and is available through Harrods only.

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