A $500,000 diamond heel is the world’s most expensive shoe
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A $500,000 diamond heel is the world’s most expensive shoe

A $500,000 diamond heel is the world’s most expensive shoe

For the high-end shoe lovers who treasure their shoes, Kathryn Wilson, New Zealand's most successful footwear designer, has teamed up with Sarah Hutchings of Orsini Fine Jewellery to create the world’s most expensive shoe for $500,000. Known for her passion for fine jewellery, Sarah continues her love for creating most exquisite and hand-crafted jewellery by giving Kathryn’s shoe a bespoke diamond makeover. The single classic court-heeled shoe features more than half a million dollars' worth of white diamonds to make it a one-of-a-kind work of art. The process involved hours of surgeon-like precision using tweezers and a special adhesive.

Most expensive shoe

“Like most women, I have a lifelong love of shoes. Creating a dream shoe appeals to the princess inside me and, I'm sure, most girls out there," says Sarah Hutchings.

Diamond shoe

Though the one-off shoe can’t be worn in Cindrella style, but as Wilson says, “that's what fairytales are all about.”

The $500,000 diamond shoe displayed in a specially made Perspex box, will be on display at the Orsini Fine Jewellery showroom in Auckland (244 Parnell Road) – heavily guarded by a security team, on October 5th. The shoe will later go on sale in a silent auction at Wilson's 2013 autumn/winter collection launch in Auckland. Proceeds from the sale will go to Ronald McDonald House, for which Wilson is an ambassador.

While this diamond-studded heel is the perfect artwork for the shoe connoisseurs, dressing-up in Cindrella style shoes is no longer a dream. Besides the world’s most expensive shoes spotted at celebrity red carpet appearances, recently, Christian Louboutin has unveiled his new interpretation of Cinderella's glass slipper, in celebration of Disney's re-release of the famous story on DVD and Blu-ray. The real-life glass heels are covered in crystals, with two delicate, shimmering butterfly embellishments on the front and back of each shoe, along with Louboutin's signature red soles.

Louboutin Glass Slippers

Also, we have earlier told you about Q by Pasquale's bejeweled glass slippers for dressing up fairy tale style.

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