6 High Profile Properties Trump Owns
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6 High Profile Properties Trump Owns

6 High Profile Properties Trump Owns

Considered to be one of the most successful American businessmen, Donald Trump has certainly been courting the headlines. And that is nothing to do with his guinea pig style haircut which has a vital part of the New Yorker’s attire.

Born in Queens, the 69 year old has an extensive portfolio ranging from real estate to being best selling author. The Don has been a major television personality over the last five years or so. This is largely part thanks to the smash hit TV reality show The Apprentice.

Pulling in millions of viewers every week, the NBC hit was a platform for Trump to showcase his fiery one liners and put downs. However in the last few months, it was Donald himself that was shown the door as he was “fired” off the show. This was as a result of his controversial comments which related to Mexican immigrants.

His personal wealth is estimated to be worth in excess of $7 billion which has mainly come through properties, clothing and the Trump Organization. Fast forward to mid June of this year and Big Don has been turning heads yet again. Yet, Trump still remains a real estate big wig and has expanded his portfolio to Trump Resorts.

In mid-June, Trump joined the candidacy race to become the President of the United States of America for 2016. After the formal announcement, the Don went on to seek to become the main figurehead of the Republican Party. At present, he remains the leading candidate for this particular political hot seat. Opinion polls are exactly that at the moment but there is no denying Trump’s swagger as he races towards the Republican finish line.

But ultimately, it’s the properties that bring in the big bucks. Here is the rundown of some of the most high profile properties he owns.

6. 40 Wall Street

Don’t worry, there is no Gordon Gekko in sight here. But as far as Wall Street is concerned, Trump has a fiscal finger in one of many pies here. 40 Wall Street is owned by the Don and is otherwise known as the Trump Building. Situated in the heart of this economic powerhouse, 40 Wall Street provides a rich heritage in New York City.

It was constructed in the 20th Century and finally completed at the beginning of the 1930s. Previously, 40 Wall Street has had the prestigious honour of holding the title of “World’s Tallest Building”. Yet it only held on for a matter of weeks. It is currently one of the tallest buildings in the Big Apple and is now an official landmark.

Boasting more than 1.2 million square feet it offers office space galore which extends across 70 plus storeys. It is a tribute to engineering and literally towers over New York like an eagle. A genuine symbol of power and influence, Trump bought the property up and injected a whopping $200 million into the project. This included significant renovations to restore it to its original splendour.

5. Trump International Tower and Hotel, Chicago

Trump may have taken several bites out of the Big Apple with his Trump Organization buildings but move over New York. Ladies and gentlemen be up standing for the awe inspiring Trump International Tower and Hotel in Chicago. A truly magnificent structure this building would stand even the most torrid of winds in this city. One of the finest skyscrapers in North America, this condo-hotel offers nearly 99 storey of sparkling glitz.

Topping out at nearly 1,400 feet it has a unique spire. Trump International Tower and Hotel is situated just a stones throw away from the Chicago River. It boasts views across the iconic Lake Michigan if you are luck enough. It was to become the highest building in the world but this was scrapped. It is however higher than the famous John Hancock Center, whilst it is in the Top 20 tallest buildings worldwide. In fact it is the fourth highest structure throughout the whole of the United States.

So what is actually going on inside? Trump International Hotel delivers a host of retail space as well as parking for many vehicles and numerous condos. Yet, the jewel in the property crown belongs to the stylish hotel complex. With 339 rooms, guests can have the chance to enjoy views from all areas in the hotel.

On the other hand, rooms are more than an impressive 500 square feet. They provide floor to ceiling windows, limestone baths for the ultimate comfort and 40 plus plasma screens. Sixteen restaurant is one of the finest in the city serving up a modern American take on food. In addition to this, the wine cellar is as deep as the Pacific with its near bottomless selection of wines. Finally, the rooftop terrace will ensure you toast the Don in style.

4. Trump Tower – 721 Fifth Avenue

Why not reach for the stars at Trump Tower? Situated at 721 Fifth Avenue, it provides more than 67 storeys of construction goodness. When it was finished back in 1983, this particular tower was deemed to be the highest building made from glass throughout Manhattan.

A tall tale you might think, but this tower enjoys a number of different offices as well as high ends condos and a restaurant. All in all, it soars approximately 600 feet into the air. Some of its main highlights feature a 100 foot atrium and a six foot  plus waterfall. Meanwhile it takes pride of place among the great and the good in Manhattan retail such as Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton.

3. Trump Place

With sweeping vistas within close proximity of the Hudson River, this definitely is the place to be. Trump Place can be found in the Upper West Side of New York City. It offers a far reaching apartment complex which is stretched across more than 90 acres of land. Waterfront residing was never so slick at Trump Place with four large condo buildings. But if that is not enough you can find nearly two million square feet of space to boot.

It mainly consists of residential buildings but this does not detract from the plethora of facilities Trump Place has to offer. A diverse canvas of services includes English style billiard room, calming spas and many screening rooms. Riverside Park South is another integral part of Trump Place with 25 acres of picnic areas and footpaths.

2. Trump Vineyards

Tucked away in the idyllic Carters Mountain, Trump Vineyards is without doubt a monumental property. It is situated close to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. With an impressive 2000 acres to take advantage of, Trump Vineyards is the toast of Charlottesville.

A truly breathtaking spot to relax and unwind in, this location was opened just four years ago in October 2011. Viticulture plays a pivotal role in the experience you will find here with a number of different award winning wines. Trump has kept it most definitely in house and his son Eric now heads up Trump Vineyards.

1. 1290 Avenue of the Americas

A distinguishable building if ever there was one, 1290 Avenue of the Americas remains a largely Trump owned building. It has a wide range of offices which is located in the heart of Midtown New York City. The building took its inspiration from the creative driving force of Emery Roth & Son. It was beautifully restored in 2013 and is an extremely sophisticated and elegant building on one of New York’s most iconic streets.

This charming building spans a whole block between 51st and 52nd street. Its main feature is the glossy marble lobby which will take you to more than 40 storeys of offices. Some of the picturesque views to look at include Central Park. Although its reputation is second to none, Trump claims to have owned 1290 Avenue of the Americas after a war in the Far East.

“I own a big chunk of the Bank of America Building at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, that I got from China in a war,” he declared. Looks like he’s well and truly trumped the powers that be.

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