6 High Profile Properties Trump Owns
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6 High Profile Properties Trump Owns

6 High Profile Properties Trump Owns

Considered to be one of the most successful American businessmen, best prices for all customers! doxycycline malaria tablets cost. free delivery, order doxycycline online canada. Donald Trump has certainly been courting the headlines. And that is nothing to do with his guinea pig style haircut which has a vital part of the New Yorker’s attire.

Donald Trump

Born in Queens, the 69 year old has an extensive portfolio ranging from real estate to being best selling author. The Don has been a major television personality over the last five years or so. This is largely part thanks to the smash hit TV reality show The Apprentice.

Pulling in millions of viewers every week, the NBC hit was a platform for Trump to showcase his fiery one liners and put downs. However in the last few months, it was Donald himself that was shown the door as he was “fired” off the show. This was as a result of his controversial comments which related to Mexican immigrants.

His personal wealth is estimated to be worth in excess of $7 billion which has mainly come through properties, clothing and the Trump Organization. Fast forward to mid June of this year and Big Don has been turning heads yet again. Yet, Trump still remains a real estate big wig and has expanded his portfolio to Trump Resorts.

In mid-June, Trump joined the candidacy race to become the President of the United States of America for 2016. After the formal announcement, the Don went on to seek to become the main figurehead of the Republican Party. At present, he remains the leading candidate for this particular political hot seat. Opinion polls are exactly that at the moment but there is no denying Trump’s swagger as he races towards the Republican finish line.

But ultimately, it’s the properties that bring in the big bucks. Here is the rundown of some of the most high profile properties he owns.

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