The $6 million Subterranean garage has a built-in hydraulic lift
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The $6 million Subterranean garage has a built-in hydraulic lift

The $6 million Subterranean garage has a built-in hydraulic lift

When your Buy Prozac no prescription autos get precious, and your demand for staying as close to it becomes stronger with time, the best idea forward is the sky garage. As exclusive housing is still on rise, so is the garage space, giving birth to concept of having one’s car delivered to the door, also called sky garages. We saw some glimpses before in the NYC penthouse with En-Suite Sky Garage, the Garage Mahals, and also the Porsche Design Dezer Towers with

When you are like online canadian pharmacy store! generic zoloft price at walmart . instant shipping, buy zoloft defense. Sultan of Brunei, there is logic to why you would want something like this. In fact, then you would have to spend comparatively more than Mr. Gonzalez to gain access to your fleet, but for anything smaller, it kind of borders on being crazy. But, with the hydraulic lift fitted into his garage, Mr. Gonzalez needs to spend on 800 gallons of special oil and $25 worth of electricity, every time he wants to reach one of his cherished toys, and he seems to enjoy and flaunt it. However, this lift is 60 feet long, and 12 feet wide and can hold large private mobile vans, or entire fleet of heavy duty motor cycles, or even a small fleet of cars, all at the same time! It’s almost like one of those you would see on aircraft carriers in the beefed up war movies.

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Other than that, this whole hydraulic lift has been camouflaged with artificial boulders and pine buy Plavix trees so that no one can spot it, until he decides to move things around. And, why not? When you are rich and crazy, you got to take precautions.

$6 million Subterranean garage

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