$6m book for the Russian magnates

Andrea Divirgilio / August 25, 2007

44075641 book 203300When all the other accessories have donned diamonds, why leave the writing fraternity untouched! British entrepreneur Roger Shashoua makes a debut in this field, by bringing out made-to-order edition of his new book ‘Dancing With the Bear’. The dazzling book comes with a price tag of $6m!

The book is said to be the most expensive one in the world, adorned with 600 flawless diamonds. It describes how the author made $200m through business after the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Mr. Shashoua, the co-founder of ITE, which trades on the London Stock Exchange, expects to lure attention of the wealthy Russians settled in the UK. He hoped that a section of the ‘oligarchy’ went through its contents, and not bury it safe in some locker.

In order to highlight the diamonds, the special edition of the book comes in a black cover instead of the standard white one.

Russia’s GDP might be lagging behind, but its head count of billionaires is the fourth highest in the world. According to the Forbes magazine’s annual rating, Russia boasts of having 53 billionaires, including Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich. Others are mainly associated with the oil sector, followed by steel, mining and metals.

Via: BBC

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