The $7,000 Beach7 AirLounge Inflatable party is good for a gathering for 30 not any pin-pricks

Andrea Divirgilio / May 8, 2013

When planning for a party at home, or having guests over just like that, the lounge set has a big role to host your firneds & family to hang out in style. Designs like Bolska and Polskij fireplace lounge, and the Box mobile Lounge Bar which is a total setup for your backyard play a vital role in leading an outgoing lifestyle. Now the $7,000 Beach7 AirLounge XL inflatable party does plenty to make an impression on your guests, and does a whole of good to your party arrangement setup but might not exactly be pin-friendly. The best part of all this is, one can easily fold it away for later use despite the the large inflated size, and it comes with it’s own air pump too!

Beach7 Air Lounge can sit up to 30 adults at the same time

The Beach7 AirLounge XL goes from 0 inflation to it’s full bloom in just about 10 minutes. With the help of the 1000W air pump, one will get a central table cum bench where guests can keep their plates of food or simply lounge their feet up in relaxation. The there are the circular chairs which has enough space to fit in 30 adults, or sometimes even more if space is compromised a bit.

Beach7 Air Lounge has a air pump that gets it ready in just 10 minutes

The party lounge is made of reinforced PVC (100D), which is 0.75 mm thick, and measures a total of 108 kgs in weight. The biggest advantage apart from being fold-able is that it does not get affected in the rain or heat, and can steady hold most of the standard weight of trays and the people sitting on it, without causing any discomfort. With the soft round edges, one can always relax with comfort equivalent to a cushioned lounge set up like this. Also, for those that made not have as much wide space, there is a model available for 15 people seating. To sum it up, next time you have a party at home, call them all in, but ask them to not wear pointy heels, as you may never know when it all turns a blot.

Via: Gizmodo/ Proidee/ Redferret

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