$7,500 Wiltshire Shuffle Board Table for a plush gaming room

Andrea Divirgilio / March 29, 2012

We have earlier seen some of the exclusive game tables, including the antique games table, the luxury Rotondo games table for traditional gaming experience. Another such game is the Shuffle Board Table, which was known to be the favorite pastime in the great country houses of Staffordshire, Winchester and Wiltshire. The company Frontgate, which has been outfitting America’s finest homes since 1991, is now offering a handcrafted Wiltshire Shuffleboard Table for the elite gamers to play as well as to decorate their plush gaming rooms.

Wiltshire Shuffleboard Table

It is described as the one of the best venues available to enjoy this centuries-old game at home. Crafted for North American popular, this Wiltshire Shuffle Board table features a deluxe playfield with equivalently impressive woodwork for an exceptional furniture quality piece, making it a perfect game piece to add elegance to your home. Combining the highest quality of craftsmanship with the finest of the materials, this Shuffle Board table boasts sturdy and solid wood legs with levelers along with the hand-applied multi-step cherry finish. Weighing 506 lbs, this table measures 148”L x 27”W x 32”H, and comes lined with shock and noise absorbing carpet along with Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set of 10 solid birch pins.

Frontgate also provides Shuffleboard care and maintenance kit that includes one bottle of cleaner, polish, and wax each, along with one can of silicon spray, 8 pucks and a protective cover. Priced at $7,499, the assembly of this Wiltshire Shuffleboard Table is required, and it comes with lifetime warranty.

Via: Frontgate

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