A 76-carat Golconda diamond is expected to sell for over $15 Million at Chrisite’s auction

Andrea Divirgilio / September 21, 2012

The legendary diamond mines of Golconda located in south-central India ‘Andhra Pradesh” was actually the first known source for rough diamonds from approximately the 4th century B.C. until 1730 when diamonds were discovered in Brazil. The mines were noted for producing some of the world’s most sought-after and famous diamonds, including the naturally green diamond called Dresden green, the diamond blue Hope, and once the largest known diamond, the Koh-i-Noor ‘Mountain of Light’ which now grace the British Royal Collection. Now, a 76-carat diamond publicized as one of the world’s most famous is now expected to fetch a whopping price of over $15 million, to become one of the world’s most expensive diamonds, after it hits the Christie’s Geneva sale of precious gems in November. Auctioneer Christie’s describes this colossal gem named ‘Archduke Joseph Diamond’ which is perfect in color and is internally flawless as the finest and largest perfect Golconda diamond ever to show up at auction blocks.

A 76-carat Golconda diamond is expected to sell for over $15 Million at Chrisite's auction

Notably, the owner of this diamond named Archduke Joseph Diamond after one of its former owners, wanted to remain anonymous. However, this particular diamond created an auction sensation when Christie’s Geneva offered it for sale for the first time in November, back in 1993, where it realized a total of $10.5 million. So, given it noted history and origin, the diamond is expected to easily fetch a price more than the estimated.

A 76-carat Golconda diamond is expected to sell for over $15 Million at Chrisite's auction

Golconda diamonds, originated from the mines in south- central India near the city of Golconda, are known as history’s best-known diamonds. The sale of other Golconda diamonds includes, The Beau Sancy diamond, which has been sold for $10 Million at Sotheby’s Geneva sale held in May, Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent jewels auction too featured rare Golconda diamond rings.

UPDATE: The huge, internally flawless Archduke Joseph diamond from India’s fabled Golconda mines was sold at auction in Geneva on November 13 for a record $21.48 million. The rare stone weighing 76.02 carats, once belonged to Archduke Joseph August of Austria (1872-1962), a prince of the Hungarian line of the Habsburgs. “It is a world record for a Golconda diamond and a world record price per carat for a colorless diamond,” Francois Curiel, director of the international jewelry department at Christie’s said.

Via: Reuters

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