$79,500 TechDAS State-of-the-Art turntable packs in the latest electronics and machining technology
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$79,500 TechDAS State-of-the-Art turntable packs in the latest electronics and machining technology

$79,500 TechDAS State-of-the-Art turntable packs in the latest electronics and machining technology

With the toll of modern technology, the classical turntables and vinyl records have actually been pushed into a musical past, except for some hi-tech options for sound engineers. For some, the old way of using records and the personal turntable still retains most of it's charm even in today's times. We saw plenty of them as we listed the most expensive turntables. Now for those who prefer blending the modern age with the old world charm, TechDAS has created the Air Force One albuterol price cheapest prices pharmacy. buy dapoxetine online india . instant shipping, dapoxetine generic name. turntable, that brings the most modern technology to reproduce the same old audio charm once again. From paying attention to the final reproduction of sound by looking into issues like the elimination of unnecessary vibration and resonance, and absolute rotational accuracy, the looks of this thing certainly seems to match the high grade sound engineering principles inside. The price tag attached is $79,500 for each.

TechDAS Air Force One comes with a price tag of $79,500

Some of the main things which would strike the tech-geeks, is the use of non-magnetic SUS316L stainless steel platter. The steel is buy plan-b heat treated which increases the stiffness, and is then machine cut in a high precision low speed lathe, which ensures that there is no magnetism and the surfacing is top notch. The upper platter of the machine is also available in 6 different options of fabrication choice. The smooth finishing of the TechDAS Air Force One cannot beat the eye easily. The 3-column pure A5052 aluminum and A7075 duralumin chassis, has been made in a sandwich design, which does not let unnecessary vibrations disturb the final reproduction of sound.

TechDAS Air Force One turntable is on the heavy side with 79 kgs of total unit weight

Then there are the 2 amplifiers measuring 50W intensity each, the isolated power supply for the sensors, LED lighting, control buttons, and logic which ensures that the power supply doesn't interfere with the sound waves. The operational voltage is 100 to 240-Volt range, which also pretty much fits the general range making the operations of the turntable fairly easy. The power consumption of the main unit is 60-Watt, meaning the power consumption rate is fairly well under control as order Colchicine online well.

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TechDAS Air Force One uses some of the finest materials to put together the 3 layer chassis

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