$8,000 Leica Monochrom camera brings back the good old days of black and white
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$8,000 Leica Monochrom camera brings back the good old days of black and white

$8,000 Leica Monochrom camera brings back the good old days of black and white

Originally, all of the photography was monochrome and for most of the photographic history, black and white photography was the photographer’s only choice for capturing the real-life moments on the chemically reactive photographic film. Even when the color became available, black and white continued to rule for long, due to its low development cost then color counterparts and its ‘classic’ look. But, black and white eventually declined in popularity as the quality of color cameras improved. However, at present we are again witnessing the Cialis online revival of black and white, as photographers are rediscovering the timeless nature and power that black and white film can lend to the photos. Evidently, B&W photos taken on digital cameras are usually considered inferior for several reasons. Here, Leica, the master manufacturer of digital and analog cameras since 1913, is planning to change this perception with its new M Monochrome, the Leica’s newest member of its M series rangefinders that proudly stands as the first ever digital camera especially designed for black and white photography.

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Essentially, a black-and-white How to treat erectile dysfunctiГ®n version of Leica’s flagship M9 camera, the M Monochrome uses Leica’s M system, making it compatible with all the Leica M system lenses. The camera uses an 18-megapixel full-frame CCD, that too without a low-pass filter. For photographers who might be wondering what kind of lens they will get to put on camera like this; Leica has also introduced a 50mm Summicron F2.0 M-mount lens.

Leica M Monochrome

Starting this July, the M Monochrome will be first available at the new Leica store can you order zoloft online generic of zoloft 50mg buy zoloft Indocin online in Washington DC at the price tag of $7,950.

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