$8,000 Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator is for party lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / April 13, 2012

We have earlier seen a lot of kegerators and wine cellars including the Party-A-Cargo tow hitch mounted kegerator with sound system and sub woofer is meant for on the move party-lovers and the Vintec Transthermhas‘ Escape range of walk-in wine cellars to cater to the desires of true wine connoisseurs. And, the latest we have for the beer and party lovers is the cool new Brew Cave, a walk-in beer cooler and kegerator from KegWorks, which looks more like a heaven for those who loves the frosty beers.

Brew Cave, a walk-in beer cooler and kegerator

Exclusively designed for those beer lovers who loves to keep a good stock of beer bottles at their disposal, this incredible kegerator and walk-in beer cooler has shelves to store and chill up to 4 kegs and 30 beer cases. And, every panel has 4-inches of insulation, which is sandwiched between outer and inner metal skins to keep your beers frosty cold. The interior and exterior walls along with ceilings has been covered in black stucco embossed galvanized finish, and its refrigeration system has been designed to hold product at 32°F. Further, Brew Cave also features a built-in beer dispensing kegerator on the outside wall, allowing the beer lovers to fill their glasses up to the brim in style.

Brew Cave, a walk-in beer cooler and kegerator

If you’re mighty thirsty for frosty cold beers and if you have space and $8,000 to invest, then this is the product made for you. However, this Beer Cave walk-in cooler is also available for bid at eBay, with the starting bid price of $5,841.

Via: KegWorks / Gizmodo / TheGreenHead

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