$8,500 life-sized elephant for your luxury backyard

Andrea Divirgilio / May 22, 2012

When it comes to glamming up the green patch outside your house, there can be a thousand different ideas. Thanks to innovative minds and their constant strive to showcase all things extraordinary we have had a number of options pouring in off late. Ornate Garden’s rotating pods was a case in point. An indoor relaxation zone within the garden, we had reported on them a few days back. And now adding a touch of innovativeness to your garden décor, there is a whole new idea. Not a garden chill-out zone per se like the rotating pods, the African Elephant statue can, nonetheless, be a value addition to any modern garden. Standing tall at 8 feet, the statue embodies every bit of the grandeur and aura associated with the animal it represents. Elegant as it may look parked on the garden, the statue can actually set you back $8,500.

$8,500 life-sized elephant for your luxury backyard

Talk of décor items themed around the largest terrestrial animal on earth and we just cannot avoid the name Maximo Reira. Well, he may not have designed the statue in question, but thanks to his mesmerizing furniture lineups inspired by the animal kingdom, the elephant statue, though grand, does not surprise us really. Reira’s breathtaking furniture designs have revolved around a number of animals ranging from the octopus to the elephant. The elephant chair or the rhino chairs are, therefore, masterpieces in their own right.

Coming back to the Elephant statue, the grand piece has been sculpted brilliantly from superior quality designer resin. Designed and developed to perfection by skilled artisans, the statue flaunts hand painted naturalistic hues. A quick look at the elegant piece and one thing that mesmerizes you all the way is its striking resemblance to the real elephant. From ears to trunks- each part of the statue represents fine specimens of skilled artistry. Last but not the least the exclusive piece comes from the stable of design Toscano. So, if you harbor a strong love for the animal kingdom and would like to see the backyard transform into a miniature African Savanna, then elephant statue is what you need exactly.

Via: TheGreenHead/Designtoscano

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