A coffee table PlayStation fans would love to own

Andrea Divirgilio / August 24, 2010

playstation controller coffee table

While the Xbox fans are busy bidding for the Iron Man Xbox 360 over at eBay, the PlayStation fans can have a look at this amazing DIY coffee table. A DIY project by Mark M of Australia, the PlayStation Controller Coffee Table has been made out of plywood, MDF and veneer on veneer over a period of 20 weeks. The DIYer used white gloss finish for the whole controller and the black gloss finish for the buttons. It’s not high-tech like the coffee tables we’ve seen earlier, but if you are an avid PlayStation fan, something like this could be a cool addition to your gaming den. If this DIY coffee table was on sale, it could have got its prospective buyer easily.

Via: Dvice/UberGizmo/Make

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