A Collection Of Star Wars And Other Toys For $34,500

Andrea Divirgilio / November 26, 2007

star wars

All the Star Wars freaks will love to lay their hands on this awesome collection. They can, only if they have an amount of $34,500 to match their passion! In addition to the massive dough, you need to possess a spacious apartment to spare an entire room for the goodies. The seller of the items mentioned that the sale of his lifetime collection of collectibles is a grand step for him to move ahead and plan for his future. He elaborated on the pieces, saying that the collection mainly consisted of Star Wars but also included 15 carded Spawn figures, about 15 carded Austin Powers figures, 18-inch Mini Me, 18-inch Hellboy Tower Records exclusive, 16-inch Ozzy Osbourne ‘Bark at the Moon’ Werewolf, and many other interesting figures. You get all these in an excellent condition, according to the seller, and are enough for anyone to start their own toy store!

Via: Izreloaded

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