A Graffiti-styled wall ethanol fireplace for modern homes

Andrea Divirgilio / September 28, 2010

biocamino wall
The Biocamino Wall is an eco-friendly fireplace by designers Mirko Varischi, Tania Alessio and Andrea Brembilla for Maisonfire. The Graffiti themed fireplace comes complete with filling pump, ignitor, for aromatherapy tank and air quality detection device. The fireplace has heat output of 3.5 Kw and burning time for a full reservoir is 6 hours. The graffiti fireplace is available in raw wax iron and neto, white. No word on price is yet available on the site. But, do check out the wide range of bio fireplaces from the company, all of which have the ability to adjust the length of the fuel, the amplitude of the flame and the amount of heat output. All the fireplaces in the collections use ethanol, which is odorless, hypoallergenic and provides the radiant warmth of a traditional fireplace and produce a small amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to that produced by the presence of a human being in the room.

Via: MaisonFire

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