Alight Kitchen – A kitchen that is more than just that!

Andrea Divirgilio / January 29, 2008

thats it the sustainable kitchen

When you can afford to have a well-decorated interior, possible by a reputed designer then why be so penny-pinching when the kitchen comes in question? In fact, it is one places you should be concerned about as all that fills your gut comes out from there. Why not have conceptual kitchens that will be in sync with the décor of your home at the same time make cooking a rather enjoyable experience? If you realize I am speaking sense then the best option for you to proceed will be the Alight Kitchen designed by Altera Design Studio. This set-up will surely prove to be a catch as it helps you reduce the cost-involved and the wasting stuff, helps you apprehend the amount you are essentially consuming, take care of the ready-made food and beverages with the sheet metal packaging where you can store it for 3 consecutive days, and finally help you know how much you gulped down if you are a diet freak! Not just that this revolutionary kitchen set-up has host of other advantageous features like a modish oven that moderates the food, the principle time and temperature level for the crumbs are observable just with a gaze at the barcodes. Four hollow plates that spin on the center-axis enabling you to eat from all sides inhabit on the central dining table. The dishes are gathered up under individual cubicles. There is also a built-in dishwasher that conserves water by recycling and reusing prior wash water.

Now, tell me doesn’t all this give you an intuition that it is not merely a kitchen set-up but rather a ground-breaking attempt to take on in the scarcity of clean water, food and resources at a whole? Precisely that is the reason why it has been termed as the Alight Kitchen and awarded 2007 Incheon International Design Award. Truly a real good piece of invention!

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