A Million Dollar phone at Moscow’s Millionaire Fair

Andrea Divirgilio / December 2, 2007

the ritz carlton moscow opulent venue
The Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel Moscow; The Event: Third Annual Millionaire Fair; Top Items Flaunted: A $ 1 million mobile, undoubtedly a perfect event for the riches to cherish and for us to write.

We just sport the name while the ones who live it were there at Moscow’s third edition of the Annual Millionaire Fare where a $1 million mobile was amongst the other items that openly flaunted the opulence of the event and the venue.

The $1 million mobile had a Sim card which would give you unlimited local calls for your life, anywhere in the world, this through a Russian mobile phone operator’s courtesy. To match the competence of the phone was a $1.2 million phone which was gold plated and diamond encrusted.

The official website of the event is as luxurious as the event was, never mind the irritating music, the only sad part was that I couldn’t find that millionaire’s mobile phone, thus I had to content myself with the Hotel’s flick but that wasn’t much hurting either for even the location used was fabulous and full of splendour.

Only a few managed to call the atmosphere tacky, probably because they had a fewer millions at their disposal or the Russian opulence was too heavy to acclimatize too, for otherwise the ultimate gathering of the riches was a mammoth event with money doing the talking throughout.


[Credit: The Independent]

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