A New Spin on the Richest DJ’s in the World

Andrea Divirgilio / June 10, 2013

In the last couple of years electronic dance music has transformed into a raging world-wide phenomenon, its present level of popularity has touched hitherto unprecedented heights. DJ’s have often been the center of attraction in several global music festivals and have helped to sell millions of records. Music industry experts reckon that a popular and a well-known DJ can charge up to $100,000 for a single night’s performance. This astronomical amount can go up even further for elite DJ’s who manage to rake in the megabucks to the tune of $1 million for a night’s work. However the earning potential of DJ’s is not just limited to the dance floor. Handsome fortunes are made from revenues generated from multiple streams like endorsements, music sales and merchandising.

The lifestyle of some of the top DJ’s mirror the extravagant way of life enjoyed by rock stars.  Many DJ’s are known to own exotic luxury items and pricey assets like private jets and enormous mansions. Quite a few DJ’s have managed to grab tabloid headlines owing to their romantic association with high profile women. News reports hint that the Dutch born “Tiesto” has earned the tag of the richest DJ in the world for the second consecutive year. Tiesto’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $75 million. The Dutch born DJ commands a handsome fee of around $2,50,000 for a single night’s performance and is rumored to have netted around $20 million last year alone from varied sources. Tiesto likes to lead a king sized lifestyle that is the stuff of envy of most celebrities. He flies across several countries and continents in his customized Gulfstream private jet.

Another name doing the rounds is of the 25 year old DJ Skrillex who has managed to strike gold at a very early stage in his career. It is estimated that he has almost doubled his wealth during the past one year from $ 8 million to $ 16 million. The icing on this fabulous pile is provided by an impressive 3 Grammy awards.Another duo, better known to music enthusiast as “Daft Punk”, has managed to net millions of dollars of revenue during the past two years.


Their fourth album, released on May 2013 has turned out to be global best seller.  The hit single “Get Lucky” has zoomed up the charts in no time and has ruled as the numero uno song on the U.K. music charts for more than five weeks.

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