A piano-cum-multimedia TV cabinet for modern homes

Andrea Divirgilio / July 26, 2010

mediano by craftline 2 52
A piano has become an unusual sight in the modern decor, but flaunt it in style if you have got one is the mantra behind the piano line of Craft Line Ltd. The “Mediano” adds added functionality to the fine old piano by integrating entertainment features including an integrated LCD TV, which pops up at the press of a button. All other hi-fi components, such as a DVD recorder can also be easily accommodated in the lower part of the piano. The Craft line gives you the freedom to play with your “traditional” piano in a revolutionary style.

frontline 52
The company’s Car Line enables car lovers to put their old cars to a better use by integrating the car parts into furniture to fit your decor. We are drooling over its “Frontline” variant equipped with 100-watt Sony stereo system to blast it off. In addition to the richly detailed design, an additional eye candy is caused by the light play of lights and available in various colors light source at the bottom. The “Car-Bar” transforms your dream car in a bar with customized finish like this car-bar from a Mazda RX-8.

Via: Craft Line

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