A Rare Look Inside the Atelier of Louis Vuitton
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A Rare Look Inside the Atelier of Louis Vuitton

A Rare Look Inside the Atelier of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is one of the most celebrated names in the fashion industry and one of the most sought after labels in the world. Luxury pioneer and revered designer Louis Vuitton moved with his family to the suburb of Asnieres from central Paris in 1859. The ancestral home was designed by Georges Vuitton, the oldest son of Louis, and the house was not only a sprawling mansion, it was and is a work of art. Stained glass windows, ceramic chimney and floral motifs adorn the house and make it an awe inspiring space for recluse. The atelier is located across the lawn.

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The atelier has been in operation for more than one hundred and fifty years. Skilled artisans have been working there and producing some of the best designs in beautiful bags, famous rigid trunks among other fashion lines. It has been one of the most famous and artistic atelier, producing art inspired products that have dazzled people across the world with their finery and style. The atelier itself can be described as an work of art. Completely renovated and expanded in 2005, it still retains the configuration and originality of design. The airy architecture is articulated by steel structures, inspired by none other than Gustav Eiffel’s style of architecture. ceftin expiration cheap ceftin

The ground floor of the workshop houses the store for materials. Artisans select and prime materials on this floor. Supple woods are sourced from various countries across the globe, that are used to create the skeleton of the LV trunks, which are a legend in themselves. This is also the secret behind the luggage’s all weather durability. Exotic leather is also stored nearby, which includes the flesh coloured natural cowhide leather. This is used to create the signature monograms of Louis Vuitton. Different leather of varied quality is housed and each needs specialised handling and treatment before it can be turned into exotic quality apparels. Each of them is treated with specialised process and also hand cut and hand stitched at some time.

levonorgestrel price Above this floor is the assembly station, where craftsmen assemble and the pieces are perfected before usage. Trunks or rather their wooden frames are covered with canvas or leather as per the need with great care and expertise. After carefully placing and attaching the signature logo of Louis Vuitton, the special and trademark Louis Vuitton “Tumbler Locks” are fitted. Each and every trunk bears a unique number for the registered locks. Each one holds secret about the make and the buyer of the trunk.

The floor above is much quieter and calmer. This floor houses dedicated craftsmen who refine exotic skins to perfection. The craftsmen are not only one of the best in their trade, they also are one of the best professionals in the industry. They not only wear lab coats or aprons. They are one of the key factors who work behind the scenes to produce the perfect leather for the perfect line of Louis Vuitton product line. cheap Propranolol

All the floor works with a clockwork precision, and with intense concentration to live up to their reputation. It is really an inspiring experience to a rare look inside the atelier of Louis Vuitton. This inspires everyone to work in a focused manner and in harmony for being the best in the world.  
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