A rare pink diamond to be auctioned in Canada

Andrea Divirgilio / September 22, 2010

pink diamond
Colored diamonds have been in vogue ever since Ben Affleck gifted one to Jennifer Lopez. And the most valued in the colored diamonds is pink color diamonds. We have earlier told you about a rare pink diamond that went on auction and fetched $1.054 million. Another extremely rare pink diamond about the size of a Chiclet will be auctioned at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto Canada on Oct 3. Billed as the most expensive diamond, it is expected to fetch anywhere from $2.5 million to $3 million. The rose pink diamond has a Vs2 clarity. “This is really extraordinary stuff,” says Duncan Parker, the president of the Canadian Gemological Association, who was holding the gem earlier. An interesting fact about pink diamonds is: The Darya-I-Nur, one of the world’s largest diamonds, is one of the rarest because of its pale pink color.

Via: The Star

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