A Speaker Cabinet in disguise

Andrea Divirgilio / April 12, 2008

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If you are a DIY kinda guy, then you’d like to go for this project as the weekend is looming over. Also folks who cannot get in to all this mess will at least want to read about how one can transform a big speaker (non-working) in to a media cabinet. This disguised case will speak volumes of your 007 persona. To keep your assortment DVDs, NES games and other stuff safe from prying hands, hide all of it in this snazzy speaker cabinet. Just be sure you don’t open it in front of untrustworthy pals. All you need is a pair of junked sizable speakers, some chopping devices, nuts, bolts, wooden shelves, paint and yup the most of all, exceptional expertise!

speaker case1  5784
How about using it as a trunk by just laying in down?
For detailed illustrious know-how about this Speaker Cabinet, you can read here.

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