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A trampoline coffee table is perfect for a fun-filled coffee break at home

Andrea Divirgilio / February 8, 2011

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Designer Alberto Bonomi has designed a perfect coffee table for adventure seekers and parents of young ones, a trampoline coffee table. This fun design is conceptualized with the premise that the drinks are placed on the edge, which renders the middle of the table pretty much useless. Hence the designer has made good use of the center space by introducing the boundaries with a trampoline in the middle, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee while your little one is enjoying his bouncing session right in front of your eyes. But buy it at your own risk or it could go all wrong – imagine the spilled coffee and an accident waiting to happen with all that bouncing back and forth.

Don’t be misled by the DIY looks of the table, for it is adorns a shocking $4,500 price tag. The table is made with walnut veneer plywood and finished with a waxed oil finish. The top also integrates an exquisite handmade cast urathane light that can be moved among three 12v electrical contact points for a candle-lit coffee date in your backyard. The coffee table can take 4 to 6 weeks to ship.

Via: UrbanDaddy/GreenGrassDesign

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