A380 themed airplane restaurant opens in Chongqing, China

Andrea Divirgilio / May 8, 2012

Even the world’s most luxurious aircrafts lacks fine dining in a way this Airbus A380 themed airplane restaurant does. And for one, you don’t need to pay expensive expensive airfares and going through vigorous security checks, to enjoy the upper-class experience in this Airbus A380 themed airplane restaurant, which had recently been opened in Chongqinig, China. The restaurant has truly replicated the elegant interiors of the world’s largest passenger airliner, and it comes with a crew of high-class waitresses especially trained to act and talk just like the professional stewardesses.

A380 themed airplane restaurant

The restaurants boasts A380 inspired windows, carpets, adjustable comfy seats and even the cabin lighting, and furthermore, the diners will also be offered more than usual airplane food on the menu.

A380 themed airplane restaurant

Covering an area of 600 square meters and employing a total of 18 high-professional employees, which includes 9 flight attendants that have gone through vigorous courses of how to dress-up, apply a make-up and just like an actual stewardess.

A380 themed airplane restaurant

Reportedly, the head of this dining facility have disclosed that this restaurant’s most expensive seats are the four corner tables, which cost about $1,585 a table.

A380 themed airplane restaurant

Unbelievably, this is actually the second A380 jumbo set themed restaurant as the first one is located in Taipei, Taiwan, which also resembles the inside of a plane, with baggage compartments, comfortable speckled blue seats with headrests and faux oval-shaped windows.

Also, watch out this video of the A380 In-Flight Kitchen in Taipei.

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