Abdulrehman bin Abid bin Abdulrehman Al Sheikh | $ 40
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Abdulrehman bin Abid bin Abdulrehman Al Sheikh Net Worth

United Arab Emirates
Net Worth $ 40
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Born on: 22nd Sep 92 Born in: United Arab Emirates Marital status: Single Occupation: A-Projekt!

Sheikh Abdulrehman a 20-year-old millionaire who is among the top rich people when it comes to exotic car collection. His car mahal include one of the most rarest and meanest machines one could ever have. He is proud owner of 45+ super exotic cars with worth more than 30 million USD. His cars value is just 30 million so one can imagine the worth of assests this super rich kid holds. 

He spends around $50,000 behind each of his number plates. 

Abdulrehman – son of a super-rich businessman – says he is also planing to get a Pagani Zonda and a Koenigsegg soon. 

The official price of both cars is nearly about $1.5 million each. Whoa! Doesn’t that cost too much? Definitely it is, but not for a car lover like Abdulrehman.

This kid buys cars like a common man buys bread and milk.

He also owns two bugatti veyrons which cost more than a million dollar. Few of his cars are - Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc.

The young playboy spends his summer flying his cars around the globe with his wealthy mates.  

The cost of owning one supercar is surely very high, but when you have a fleet of 45+ supercars you surely need to have deep pockets.

The running costs of these high-end exotics is surely enormous, but if you are listed among richest people around the globe– then surely that’s not going to be a problem.

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