Lets come together to build World's Biggest Luxury Resource.
About Richfiles

The Rich Files is the world’s first and the biggest community generated luxury lifestyle resource. You are free to edit information, images, videos and other media. Registration on the site is completely free and takes a minute of your time. Your free membership comes with lots of perks! You can add your own information bytes or improvise the existing info. Along the way you also earn karma and badges which at a particular point of time will provide you with moderation powers.

Community Engagement

Community participation is what makes rich files such an exhaustive resource of information. The Rich Files has a simple and highly interactive interface, which gives the community more reasons to improvise, update or modify any content on it. The more you engage in this community the more valuable it becomes. What more, you can always play a healthy role to increase the community collaboration by just inviting your friends over, initiating them to this world of luxury.

Who we are?

We are just a bunch of luxury fanatics, who share the same interests: Rich’s lifestyle.

Moderation and more

What makes Rich Files an outstanding community product other than its unique content and a super-cool design is a transparent, democratic and well-defined system which keeps the interests of user, the contributor and the clan at top. Our moderators are chosen from the community itself, where due attention is paid to various indices such as reputation.